Page 4 - Cloud Chronicles Fifth Issue
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What Drives Cloud Innovation Today

               In this edition of “Cloud Chronicles’’ we explore the evolving landscape of cloud technology,
               highlighting how AWS helps businesses improve their digital strategies. The article delves into
               cloud migration, AI emergence within Azure, and cloud security. It also explores the future of
               public cloud services, Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud concepts, and strategies for cost efficiency
               in the dynamic cloud environment. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, is highlighted
               as it offers significant possibilities for businesses worldwide. The article also discusses cloud
               security, providing guidance on safeguarding data in an interconnected landscape. The article
               distinguishes between Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud, highlighting their combined power for
               operational excellence. “Cloud Chronicles’’ aims to inform, inspire, and keep readers informed
               in the dynamic cloud technology landscape.

               Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma
               lwof] of] g: k|rf]boft\
               (Deploy our intellect on the right path)
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