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that our graduates are not only     and technologies, giving them real   continually update our curriculum
        technically competent but also well-  experience and increasing their   to reflect the newest developments
        rounded professionals. We hope      confidence in their technical talents.   and trends in the IT sector. This
        that by implementing these steps,   In flipped classrooms, students     guarantees that students have
        we can provide our students with the   access online resources and      access to current information.
        information and skills they need to   lectures before class, allowing for   Second, we give people access to
        flourish in their careers and make a   more participatory and discussion-  cutting-edge tools and technology so
        positive influence in the ICT industry.   oriented sessions during face-to-face   they can get hands-on practice with
                                            meetings. Virtual simulations provide   the newest developments. Finally,
        How do you ensure the faculty       students with immersive learning    we support and encourage industrial
        members have the necessary skills   experiences and the opportunity     internships and initiatives that expose
        and expertise to teach IT effectively?  to practice skills in a risk-free   students to the real world and allow
                                            environment by simulating real-     them to put their knowledge to use.
               hrough several initiatives,   world IT problems. Furthermore, the   We give our students the tools
               Virinchi College guarantees   college invites industry professionals   they need to confidently navigate
               that its teaching members    to offer guest lectures, allowing   the changing IT landscape and
        Thave the essential skills and      students to hear directly from industry  emerge as flexible, knowledgeable
        competence to teach IT properly.    executives about current trends,    professionals, ready to have a
        The college places a premium        difficulties, and opportunities in the IT   significant impact on the world.
        on professional development         business. These innovative teaching
        and encourages professors to        methods not only boost student      What role does international
        attend workshops, seminars, and     engagement but also develop critical   collaboration play in enhancing the
        conferences on IT education and     thinking, creativity, and a deeper   global exposure of your college’s IT
        developing technologies. These      understanding of IT concepts,       programs?
        changes allow faculty members to    preparing students for successful
        stay current on breakthroughs in the   careers in the IT industry.      International links are essential for
        industry and incorporate pertinent                                      improving the global awareness
        knowledge into their teaching       What support services does your     of Virinchi College’s information
        approaches. Virinchi College        college offer to students who face   technology programs. The college
        also offers training programs on    challenges in learning IT subjects?  provides opportunities for students
        successful pedagogical strategies,                                      to participate in exchange programs
        teaching methodologies, and student   Supporting every student’s academic   and study abroad by cooperating
        engagement techniques. Faculty      journey is a key focus at our college,   with universities and industry
        members are also encouraged to      particularly when it comes to studying  stakeholders from across the
        participate in research, collaborate   IT-related disciplines. We offer a   world. These experiences expose
        with industry, and work on real-    variety of support services catered to   students to a variety of cultures,
        world IT projects, which allows     each student’s requirements to make   educational systems, and points
        them to bring practical expertise   sure no one is left behind. There is   of view, broadening their horizons
        and industry perspectives into the   individualized tutoring offered for   and boosting their academic
        classroom. Virinchi College ensures   students struggling with IT-related   trajectory. Furthermore, collaborative
        that its educators are well-prepared   subjects, where committed teachers   research projects with overseas
        to deliver high-quality IT education   provide one-on-one advice and    partners allow faculty and students
        and give students vital skills and   support. Additionally, there is easy   to work on cutting-edge research
        knowledge for success in the        access to academic counselling,     initiatives, fostering innovation and
        technology field by encouraging a   which enables students to talk      knowledge transfer in the field of
        culture of continuous learning and   about their issues and consider    information technology. Through
        supporting faculty members in their   improvement plans. We encourage   these collaborations, the institution
        professional progress.              peer support groups where students   gains valuable insights into best
                                            may cooperate, share knowledge,     practices in IT education and global
        Can you share some examples of      and learn together because we       industry trends, allowing it to build
        innovative teaching methods used in   believe in the power of peer support.   its curriculum consistently and stay
        your college to engage students in   With the help of these all-inclusive   ahead of global trends.
        IT subjects?                        support services, we hope to give
                                            each student the tools they need to   How do you encourage students to
                                            overcome challenges and succeed in
        To actively engage students in IT   their IT education.                 engage in community service and
        courses, Virinchi College offers a                                      use their IT skills for social impact?
        variety of creative teaching methods.
        Project-based learning is a common   How does your college ensure that         irinchi College actively
        strategy in which students work     students are prepared for the rapidly      encourages students to
        on real-world IT projects, applying   changing landscape of IT careers?        get involved in community
        their theoretical knowledge to actual                                   Vservice and leverage their
        circumstances and developing        At Virinchi College, we are dedicated   IT skills for social impact through
        problem-solving and teamwork        to educating our students about the   a range of initiatives. Volunteering
        abilities. Hands-on workshops       exciting and constantly evolving field   opportunities are provided where
        allow students to explore software   of IT careers. We use a multifaceted   students can participate in projects
        tools, programming languages,       strategy to do this. First off, we   that utilize technology to address
                                               (10)        (Issue-4, 2023)
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