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6. Making room  for  connected dnd
                                                                                 outonomous  vehicles
                                                                                    Talk is buzzing about connected
                                                           data to improve
                                                                                 vehicles  and autonomous  cars. Some
                                                      civic services in 2017.
                                                                                 cities are interested in creating
                                              "From crime detection  software to
                                              programs  that identify inefficiencies  tech nology to support  self-driving
                                                                                 cars, such as with Pittsburgh's
           4. Growth  in mochine-to-mdchine   in parking,  cities are increasingly  partnership with Uber for a self-
           leorning                           using data to become  more efficient.  driving pilot and the S10.9  million
              Get ready for the city of the   Office  buildings are also paving the
                                                                                 in funding  it's received from the US
           future. "The  power and capabilities  way in using data to make cities  Department  of Transportation to
           of machine  learning  will grow    smarter. For instance, the Hudson  fund smart traffic lights. But what
           exponentially. We will not be the  Yards development  in New York
           Jetson's in 2017 but the pace  of  City employs  a range of sensors   does this all really mean?
                                                                                    "Smart cars are on the horizon.
           the impact will not slow down,"    that collect information  on people's
                                                                                 But, in order for autonomous
           saysMark  Kamlet,  professor  of   behaviors,  adjusti ng services based
           economics  and public policy  of   on those inputs. This includes     vehicles to flourish, they must  at
                                                                                 least be able to trust the integrity  of
           Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon   altering energy  usage  in specific  the infrastructure,  and at best work
           University.No  one thought machine  sections  of buildings depending on
                                                                                 with those surrounding structures
           learning  would beat top players of  occupancy,"  Barendrecht  said. "Yet,
           the in the game of 'Go'for  decades  the trend I expect to see in 2017  as part of an interconnected
                                                                                 technological web. Uber  may be
           or during our lifetime,  or maybe  that will have the biggest impact  ready to roll out the car of the
           never, according  to Kamlet.       is cities increasingly  making  all of  future, but according  to everything
              "As cities continue to innovate in  their data available to the general
           the big data realm, machine  learning  public. ln doing so, they will give  we know about Pittsburgh's
                                                                                 infrastructure,  the streets can not
           applications are increasing  and   entrepreneurs the information  they  support them. ln fact, 60 minutes
           converging  with the loT. Machine  need to develop the next round
                                                                                 claimed in201-4 that Pittsburgh
           learning  will, for example,  help to  of smart city technologies. The  'may have the most serious  problem
           intelligently  mine loT data to drive  possi bi  I ities for grou nd brea king  in the country'when  it comes to
           better  informed  planning  decisions  innovation  are endless,"  he added.
                                                                                 outdated  and crumbling  bridges and
           for cities,  municipalities,  utilities,
                                                                                 roads. And Pittsburgh is not alone.
           and community  citizens.  Machine                                     According  to the National League  of
           learning  will also be key to enabling
                                                                                 Cities, only percent of the country's
           more adaptive, resilient systems, "
                                                                                 most populous cities have accounted
           said Jennifer  James,  director  of
                                                                                 for these types of vehicles  in their
           Smart  City Solutions  for Black and                                  long-term  plans. Connected  cars are
           Veatch.                                                               only the beginning  of a nation-wide
           5. Leveraging data to become  more          ffi                       transformation  of our cities,  and
                                                                                 there is a lot of work to do in 20L7,"
           efficient                                                             said Kurt Steward, vice president of
              Arie Barendrecht, CEO and
                                                                                 the public sector  at lnfor.
           co-founder of WiredScore  believes
                                                                                    It's truly a race toward
               smart cities will leverage
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